Home Remodeling in Minneapolis

Home Remodeling & Additions

Additions - Rather than leaving the property you love, expand your home or cottage with an addition. Our addition projects take the same process as our remodel projects, utilizing the expertise of our team to not only design and build a new space, but plan how the new space will flow with your existing space. We consider how these additions will be used, what they are needed for, and how can the old space can be reimagined as a a new one. 

Since the kitchen is important to many people for entertainment and gatherings, an addition to this space can make that area more comfortable visitors and your family alike. Likewise, a larger family room can give you more elbowroom to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones. From adding bedrooms, to enlarging already existing spaces, or putting a deck on your home, additions can be the solution to your needs for additional space.