Remodel Your Home For Entertaining Guests

The holidays are here and you’ve probably been brutally reminded that your home is inadequate for the masses of family and friends that may join you for holiday cheer. So, remodeling your home may have been on your mind already and this holiday reminder just pushed it to the top of your list.

So if you are looking for ideas on how to reshape your home for social occasions, parties and entertaining, here are a few ways to consider creating the perfect space for your friends and family.

An Open Floor Plan

Where does everyone convene during a holiday party or even on the weekly game night? You guessed it: the kitchen. It’s the spot where food, drink, conversation and more all happen. Evne if the home is designed well in every room, the kitchen will be the area your family and guests gravitate towards. Many older homes are designed with small, tight spaces — and kitchens — and many homeowners might not have the budget to take out walls to make more room. That’s where a good interior designer comes in.

A interior designer who has the eye and experience to utilize small spaces efficiently can help even the most snug of kitchens feel warm, welcoming and full of room. Need help deciding if you’re in this predicament? You can read more on the top signs you need to update your kitchen.

Kitchen interior design remodel by Tiffany Hanken Design in Minneapolis

Kitchen interior design remodel by Tiffany Hanken Design in Minneapolis

Multi-purpose spaces

Media rooms were really popular in the 1990s. Today, they have had a strong comeback and are now being used for more than oversized television and leather couches. Today’s families are using these multi-purpose rooms to play board games, watch movies, relax and gather with friends and family. These are the spaces where your kids can be loud and crank up their video games. It’s also the space where you can disconnect from the rest of the home and watch your own show, read a book or practice some yoga in solidarity.

Remodel Your Home For Entertaining Guests

Opening Walls

If you’ve been in your home for years or even if you’ve owned a couple of different properties, then you’ve probably found that you are entertaining differently than you were 15 or 20 years ago. Repositioning the room probably isn’t getting the job done anymore. Since the days of the female in the family cooking for an army are largely over, more men are helping in this area and the kitchen is a social playground - opening up your spaces to interact with the group is not only on-trend but here to stay.

Spaces like your kitchen should be fun, open and encourage social activity and participation while incorporating into the rest of the main living space in your home.

Decks and Outdoor Spaces

If you need even more room, then look into your deck space. What do you currently use it for? There is an abundance of auxiliary space for holiday gathering that can be a great overflow for full holiday parties.

For our sometimes wet and icy winters, these spaces should be sheltered to protect guests from weather. There are many ways to tackle the sheltering of the space and they of-course add to the budget, but utilizing an outdoor space year-round in a creative manner will really bring excitement and joy to your home. People love to be outside and gather in fun spots with fireplaces and stoves. You’ll also add square footage to your home without renovating or remodeling to add rooms.

An outdoor kitchen is an ideal overflow space for people who love entertaining. Weather won’t kill the party! Image vis Neil Kelly

An outdoor kitchen is an ideal overflow space for people who love entertaining. Weather won’t kill the party! Image vis Neil Kelly

Plan Ahead. Think Smart.

A thoughtfully designed space, no matter the square footage, is always a better agenda than having endless square feet. Sometimes making minor changes to a space, like adding better storage solutions or pull out cabinets can make a huge difference and open the room right up.

So be smart in your next remodel and if your budget allows, bring in an interior designer that knows how to brainstorm creative solutions for space-saving design.

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