Remodeling Ideas To Explore In The New Year

Design and Remodeling Ideas for 2019

The excitement of the new year turning creates a buzz around the latest design trends inside the construction and interior design industries. Colors, hardware and gadgets that can transform a home from ordinary to extraordinary will tantalize the mind. Your tastes may change and trends may come and go, but high quality materials and smart design ideas are everlasting. Here are few ideas for the new year.

Splashes of Color

You should finally say goodbye to sterile white walls. Warm color palettes that include grey, brown, beige and some colors you haven’t thought of like the burnt orange, teal, blue or even the Pantone Color of the Year — living coral. 

Interior Designers say colors should be chosen to match the specific architecture and style of a space. If the colors are chosen and matched to each room then the things like window treatments, furnishings and decor can be changed often. 

Kitchen interior design remodel by Tiffany Hanken Design in Minneapolis

Multi-purpose spaces

We mentioned in our last article “Remodeling Your Home For Entertaining Guests”, that multi-media rooms are not a thing of the past. They are making a comeback, but in new and fun ways. Take some time read through the above article to see what those are. 

Wrap-Around Bath Tile

Extending the shower tile and enclosures to the ceiling can lift a space in a big way. No matter the size of the bathroom, you can give a larger feel that instantly draws your eye up to what appears to be luxurious landscape in your bathroom space. 

Remodeling Ideas To Explore In The New Year

Brass & Metal Fixtures

Industrial finishes are all the craze. You see them popping up everywhere now. Brass and warm metal can stand out and offer a luxurious finish to small appliances and fixtures, including your faucets and cabinet handles plus more. For a richer, layered look, you can combine different metals like copper hardware and brass fixtures.

Pendant Kitchen Lighting

Speaking of hardware and accessories, suspended lighting has made a comeback - specifically in above kitchen islands. While recessed and can lights are here to stay, pendant lights add a unique touch and sense of creativity or personal expression to your kitchen design. You may even source them from an antique dealer, a recaptured space or a custom designer who understands your style. From pendant bulb enclosures to industrial materials like concrete to geometric shapes, homeowners are embracing creative lighting options.

Pendant kitchen lighting. Think industrial kitchen - how can this creativity come into your home!

Pendant kitchen lighting. Think industrial kitchen - how can this creativity come into your home!

Matte Finishes In The Kitchen

Matte finishes reduce glare and feel really nice to the touch on counters, cabinets and appliances. You’ve probably seen this style crop up more and more in your friend’s homes. Dark matte finishes can help reduce the appearance of fingerprints and dirt, which is nice to have in a high-traffic area like the kitchen.  This material is easier to clean than most surfaces.

Home Smart Controls

Its’ a brave new land. We are a modern society with modern demands whom are connected to the cloud at every age level (unless we can avoid it). A modern home needs to be wired with the latest smart home technology. With the touch of a smartphone, homeowners can control security devices including cameras, lights and alarms, and set comfort controls on a thermostat. If you’re thinking about making your home a useful space then placing charging stations into integrations such as countertops, drawers and nightstands is a must!

Remodeling Ideas To Explore In The New Year

Bars & Beverage Stations

Homeowners want a comfortable living space but they also want to have fun. You spend so much of your life’s income on your home, you should be in it most of the time. You can incorporate entertainment stations can directly into the design - whether it’s a full wet bar, wine refrigerator or prep area for a drink station, homeowners need spaces set up for parties and holiday hosting. If you fancy yourself roaring 20’s, then choose styles and materials inspired by vintage lounges and cocktail culture.

Healthy Home Choices

Another trend that unfortunately is due to necessity is healthy home alternatives. So many people have developed allergic reactions or toxic material awareness that the shift to healthy, organic home solutions is on the rise. You keep a healthy home from the heart of it by focusing on ventilation systems, non-toxic materials, organic cleaners and sprays, water filtration systems, etc.

This transition toward responsible consumption and less waste, or minimal mindfulness, also includes design elements from nature and the farm-to-table lifestyle which you see abundantly on HGTV, restaurants and other media channels.

Design the life you love...
— Tiffany Hanken ;Interior Designer

Be Bold. Design Bold.

You should always commit to your own unique design style, whether it is ultra-modern, traditional, or somewhere in between. An interior design professional, such as Tiffany Hanken in Minneapolis, can help you define what your style is and show you how it can be incorporated into the rest of your home. Whether in your forever home, designing for resale, or rental income, a well-executed design will always return the dividends.

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